Expansion is the goal of most Canadian Snack Tower operators. The partnership with Make-A-Wish is a key tool to help you locate new machines. When you are ready to expand, your subscription can be modified to fit your new package. Choose your new package based on your new total of machines and subscribe to the new level. The terms and conditions that apply will be the same as your original package. You will be unsubscribed from your original package at the end of you current term and automatically subscribed to the new package. This button is only for existing subscribers. If you wish to start a new subscription please go to our Subscription Page.

  • 1 machine - Single Package ($5 per month)
  • 2 - 17 machines - Silver Package ($50 per month)
  • 18 - 33 machines - Gold Package ($125 per month)
  • 34 - 60 machines - Platinum Package ($210 per month)
  • 61 - 100 machines - Double Platinum Package ($420 per month)
  • + 100 machines - Triple Platinum Package (contact us)
CST Package